Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through and you can find the answers to the most common questions I receive. 
If you have any questions that are not listed here, please feel free to contact me directly through MBS Instagram or Facebook, alternivatly send me an email at

Who is behind MBS?

Hi! I'm Mikayla, I'm 23 and a Mama of two gorgeous girls Brooklyn & Madison. It's a one man show behind the scenes & I work tirelessly to get all these beautiful products out to the public!
You can find out about the MBS Story & A little more about me over on the
'The Story & Face behind MBS' page.

How are Mum Bun Scrunchies made?

All of the scrunchies here at MBS are handmade by myself at my home in Melbourne, Victoria. Each & every scrunchie is made with the upmost love & care for you to enjoy.

Where can I see sneakpeaks of upcoming products?

MBS is regularly posting on the official MBS Instagram & Facebook page. Be sure to go over and follow to stay up to date with the latest and greatest. 
Alternatively you can sign up to the MBS newsletter for regular updates & cheeky discounts!

I have thick / thin hair, will your scrunchies work for me?

Most definitely! I have worked endlessly on finding the perfect sized scrunchies that will hold the thinnest of hair, all the way through to super thick hair with ease & comfort. 

How many times will your scrunchies wrap around my hair?

Great questions that I get asked on the daily. 
It's all dependant on the thickness of your hair, but typically you will be able to wrap Mum Bun Scrunchies around your hair 2-3 times & still keep the comfort!

The Scrunchie I wanted is sold out, will you restock?

At MBS, I am always bringing out the latest and greatest in designs, keeping a fresh website. Therefore to be able to keep updating and keeping things fresh, once the items are sold out, they're gone. I very rarely restock products, however I do bring out designs similar or in different colours but never exactly the same, so keep this in mind if you are eyeing something off, cart it today, because it may be gone tomorrow!

Do you take custom orders?

Unfortunately not at this stage, but it is in the plans for the near future

Do you offer wholesale?

At this stage in my business, I am solely focused on growing in my own business before branching out to others. It is definitely something I will be looking into in the near future, so if you are interested in wholesales, please contact me directly at & you will be contacted when this moves forward.

How do I care for my scrunchies?

Hand-washing is the recommended method for washing your Mum Bun Scrunchies. 
Please use cold water only with a dab of your fav hair shampoo.  
Wash thoroughly & rinse off. 
Always let your scrunchies to air dry & never put into the dryer. 



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